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Discover how our unique approach creates an efficient, motivated hiring journey.

  • Unlocking potential

    We are a boutique firm dedicated to the buy-side sector.

    This laser-focus ensures we both fully understand the complex nature of the industry and are in the best position to identify career pivot points and anticipate market movements.

    Our rigorous research and analysis ensure recruitment goals are quickly realised and translated into a bespoke hiring pathway.

  • Creating confidence

    Successful placements are achieved through a focused and driven process.

    Starting with in-depth role specification, our unique talent mapping service identifies the values that match the role’s needs today and a candidate’s ambitions for tomorrow.

    This process provides confidence in both the role’s fundamental requirements and its wider landscape, increasing the potential of each introduction for both company and candidate from the get-go.

  • Proactive hiring

    Our proactive service keeps company and candidate up to date with market movements and career developments, providing a comprehensive network and confidential space for company potential and career potential to be discovered.

Creating a driven hiring journey

We’re focused on quickly establishing a bespoke hiring journey unique to each role’s needs, requirements and ambitions in order to create a motivated space for clear, confident and focused candidate discussions.



Career Strategy Session

Take stock of your career so far, plan optimal next steps and discuss what actions to take on this exciting journey.

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CV Consultation

Easy once you know how, but very hard to get right. We can expedite your path to crafting a worthy CV.

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Job Health Check

Unsure if you should stay or go? Confidentially discuss 8 key areas to diagnose the severity of the symptoms and learn how to best remedy the situation.

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Attracting the best

Knowing candidate desires, market positioning and market conditions means we advise on how attract the best

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Your bespoke hiring journey

Create a process that balances time to hire with assessment rigor, whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience

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Specification Enhancement

Quality of specifications vary greatly. We take the best examples and enhance their format, creating a formula guaranteed to peak interest

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Our partners

"Michael's strategic insights into recruitment have helped us avoid the pitfalls of mis-hiring, saving us not just time but also significantly enhancing productivity. BSR has become a crucial part of our talent acquisition strategy."

Finance Director

Wealth Management

"Having been on both sides of the recruitment process with BSR, I can attest to the transformative impact of their strategies. Michael's unwavering dedication is evident in every interaction, whether as a candidate or as a client."

Finance Director

Hedge Fund

"BSR transformed our hiring process. Michael's in-depth understanding of the finance sector and his commitment to finding the perfect fit for our team was evident. His tailored approach made all the difference."


Property Investment

"Working with BSR has been a masterclass in effective recruitment. Michael’s nuanced understanding of the investment sector, combined with his commitment to quality and transparency, has made them an indispensable partner in our hiring process."

Finance Director

Private Equity

"Michael's ability to understand the intricacies of our sector and apply his exhaustive research for accurate matching is unparalleled. BSR has consistently provided us with high-caliber candidates, each bringing a transformative impact to our team."


Asset Management

"BSR’s commitment to tracking career pivot points and leadership changes in the sector was evident in the opportunities they presented to me. Michael's strategic approach enabled me to make a significant career leap that I hadn't thought possible."

Finance Director


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