Michael Muir, Founder

Two decades of London Recruitment

And still I'm evolving what I can offer, never settling with the status quo.

Delivering successful recruitment is both a science and an art, and each hiring journey unique.

If done well, it has transformative impacts for all involved.

A cause I will engage with for as long as I can.

If done poorly, it costs more than most think; opportunity cost, team moral, lost productivity or worse!

Mis-hiring happens regularly and its understandable.

Recruiting the best is competitive, nuanced and can be slow.

It leads to compromised hires born out of necessity or frustration.

Shortlists lack quality, candidates not engaged or poor cultural fits.

It's an ongoing and complicated problem.

And there is no silver bullet.

Instead, I've discovered a set of strategies, processes and values that when combined improve recruitment outcomes significantly.

Its led to being an agent of choice with leading firms. Solving challenging recruitment issues that others could not.

Supporting leaders from large corporates through to ambitious SMBs.

I look forward into 2024 with enthusiasm as we innovate alongside our changing World, without letting go of the fundamentals that work.

Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with, met, or had in-depth conversations with.

I'm excited to collaborate with both old and new, as we look to improve the Investment Sectors one hire at a time.