Talent I.D. - Proactive Approach

  • Talent Proactive

    Proactively marketing A-Grade Talent, discreetly and with precision.

    When our client base have no current need for A-Grade talent we represent, we offer to proactively market their details.

    We are discreet, anonymising profiles, targeting a curated list of worthy potential employers we deem a suitable fit.

    Often such candidates are inaccessible to the broader market given their passive approach to the job search.

    This gives our target audience an otherwise impossible chance of securing the best, with a pre-determined desire to work at their firm.  

  • Talent Pipeline

    Getting ahead of hiring reduces time to hire and averts pressure.

    Once pools of suitable candidates are created, we warm up interest specifically for your business.

    When the time is right they are more motivated to apply.

    Best used when aware of future hires, or reoccurring hires particularly in competitive niche functions.

    Avoid delays and peak interest in passive candidates.

  • Talent Hallmark

    We map the market, and then proactively assess them using Hallmark qualities.

    That way we can quickly target those who score highly on qualities that transcends across identities supporting DE&I, focusing on;

    • Academia
    • Professional Qualifications
    • Evidence of career planning, logical steps made to defined career goal
    • Achievements, evidence of going beyond to norm
    • Percentage of career spent in a specific sector
    • Quality of companies worked for
    • Progression of responsibility
    • Committed durations, but not plateauing


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