Phase 1

Discovery Consultation: Creating a tailored role presentation pack

We host a discovery consultation to deep dive into role requirements as well as company and market positioning to provide a clearly-defined role presentation pack, inclusive of detailed specification, company pitch and market placement.

Taking a proactive approach to the role identification stage ensures a shared, thorough understanding from the get-go and a hiring journey that is led by clear objectives for both company and candidate.

Following the discovery consultation, we match the core objectives to our deep knowledge of the market landscape to provide a dedicated longlist and to initiate confidential candidate discussions.

Phase 02

The Shortlist: Leading a focused hiring journey

The next step is to move towards a detailed shortlist complete with comprehensive notes for each application structured in response to the role presentation pack’s key objectives. This structure will also form the foundations of the bespoke interview process.

At this point, we collaborate on diary management and set about scheduling a full hiring journey. Early management of schedules helps to maintain hiring momentum and to establish a clear picture for both company and candidate throughout the process. This ensures conversations are focused on what matters most at each stage.

Phase 03

The Interview Process: Maximising every conversation

Interviews are a fantastic learning opportunity for both candidate and company.

Our preparatory process creates the space for clear, confident and confidential candidate discussions so that both parties can maximise the potential of each meet. Just as important as preparation is post-interview debriefing. This part of the hiring journey helps both candidate and company to identify learnings and move forward with motivation and confidence.

Our specialist knowledge of the Buy Side sector ensures we are able to offer expert advice throughout all aspects and stages of the offer and application process. From offer structures and notice periods to navigating industry specific complexities, we’re here to support you and to power the full potential of each hiring journey.


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